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Will 'Massive Monday' leave your team depleted?


We’ve just had the first proper working Monday after New Year, dubbed ‘Massive Monday’ by Reed.co.uk. January 7th marks the busiest week of the year for recruitment as huge volumes of people apply for new jobs. As a result, you could find a stream of resignation letters in your inbox over the coming weeks. This might leave you short-staffed just as the lettings market gets back in to full swing.

Your knee-jerk reaction will be to panic, but don’t. With wages likely to be an agency’s biggest fixed cost, resignations can actually deliver a window of opportunity to save money and streamline outgoings. Outsourcing lettings administration, rent collection and property management to ARPM moves your agency into a highly beneficial ‘pay only for what you use’ zone, so not a penny is unaccounted for.

Our services are scalable and can kick in as little as 48 hours after you read a resignation letter. Plus, ARPM offers attractive rates on a ‘per property’ basis, thanks to slick, in-house efficiencies and inward investment refined over 10 years of property management trading.

Why not prepare for any resignations now and open a conversation with our team today?

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