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Lockdown is no time for letting agents to take their eye off the ball. During the past week, there have been two important announcements pertaining to tenants that need urgent attention.

Firstly, the Housing Minister, Robert Jenrick, announced that the temporary ban on evictions, which was due to end at the end of June, was being extended to the 23rd August 2020. As a result of this lengthening timeframe, eviction hearings will not be heard in courts until the end of August and no one will be evicted from their home this summer.

Secondly, the ban of tenant fees was extended to all tenants on Monday 1st June 2020 after only applying to new tenancies. Letting agents are now prohibited from charging renters who may be renewing their tenancy agreements. Agents should also prepare their business to start offering refunds, which can legally be claimed by tenants who, in the past, paid more than 5 weeks’ worth of rent as a deposit.

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