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Time to say goodbye? And hello…


Is this when streamlining gets serious? Is this when letting/estate agents let go big offices and big in-house teams? Are they about to close the doors of High Street branches in favour of a more agile way of working?

Across the country, agents are facing an extraordinary set of circumstances.  They are weighing up whether to bring back furloughed workers with the harsh reality that their agency may not be able to support a ‘full house’ for some time. Others may be staring at a stack of resignation notices from staff leaving the industry, while some owners might be starting the difficult task of creating redundancy packages.

And then there’s a very new situation when it to comes to employees – some too frightened to return to a public-facing role, some shielding to protect their health and others in self isolation as the virus lingers on.

The same staffing struggles are played out against a very different backdrop in lettings when compared to sales, and this is why letting agents need dependable, secure outsourced support. While homeowners can largely pick and choose when they move – and can do so without much restriction – tenants are dictated to by expiring agreements and moves bound by legal compliance. The work is relentless, regardless of a pandemic.

While there may be much to say goodbye to over the coming months, it is time to say hello to more agile, scalable ways of working in lettings. We have been outsource champions for more than a decade, providing letting agents with tenancy administration, rent collection and property management services to suit their business and budgets. Our service offers a bolt-on department with the experienced staff, compliance training and specialist technology in place to create a property management department virtually overnight.

Agents use us when they need to manage their resources in a way that complements their level of lettings income and when they need to rationalise costs. We stand for a streamlined way of working, banishing empty capacity at one end of the scale and facilitating business growth at the other.

We have already helped hundreds of offices reduce their fixed overheads with our ‘pay per property’ set-up – a way of working where an agent’s spend is always balanced with maintaining its profit. ARPM’s in-house capacity is advantageous for agents who may find resourcing difficult moving forwards and for those whose managed portfolio fluctuates in size.

We can help you achieve a ‘new normal’ today and wrap our service up in your brand as part of our white label agreement. Contact us today to learn more.

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