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There’s sense in streamlining


With the Tenant Fee Ban a matter of days away, a flurry of advice on how to reform lettings businesses was to be expected. One message really struck a chord with the ARPM team – streamline administration. This sensible advice concentrates on the frustration felt by letting agents over the growing amount of compliance and red tape per tenancy – jobs that take time and staff away from core, income-winning tasks.

The advice is being given against a backdrop of increasing demand for privately rented accommodation, with the latest Knight Frank Multihousing Report 2019 revealing that an additional 560,000 households are expected to be living in the private rented sector by 2023. The agent highlights that this takes the total proportion of those renting privately within the housing market to 22% – up from the current 20.6%.

Increasing paperwork

When you add the two scenarios together, you have an increasing number of tenancies with an increasing amount of paperwork required. There’s more work than ever to facilitate the tenant but now without the ability to charge for it. Lettings isn’t an industry in which you can cut corners, and you certainly shouldn’t break any rules as there are hefty fines, custodial sentences and a new enforcement team lying in wait. Be clear, however, that streamlining and skimping are two different things.

Streamlining a lettings office can be the difference between making a loss and turning a profit, or lifting an agency out of the ‘break-even’ zone. Luckily ARPM has been helping agents to streamline and save money long before the Tenant Fee Ban was even muted, by taking on administrative tasks and back office roles at cost-cutting rates.

Outsource it

Our flexible services cover pre-tenancy administration, rent collection, property maintenance and full property management. We’ll collect and register deposits, undertake referencing, book plumbers, chase arrears and draw up tenancy agreements – we’ll even field calls from tenants and landlords on a 24/7, 365 basis, so agents can concentrate on more important things.

ARPM is dedicated to helping letting agents wherever they are in their business lifecycle, allowing let-only agents to expand quickly to offer full property management, freeing frontline staff from mundane yet essential admin, and solving difficult recruitment questions by becoming an extra member of the team on a ‘pay for what you use’ basis – no minimum spend or fixed-cost packages.

Reducing overheads – without a loss of control or brand – remains at the heart of our business. All our back-office administrative services are available on a white label basis for instant continuity, and we pride ourselves on accountability and transparency. If you’re interested in exploring a trusted, proven way of streamlining, contact us to discover your options.

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