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Can proptech ever replace people?

Proptech. It’s a whole new world reshaping the lettings industry, and the last two years have seen an explosion of supporting technologies and automated systems. It’s all sold to us as time and money saving but at what expense?
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MEES energy efficiency deadlines loom

Many landlord needs to be prepared for the 1st April 2018. It’s when new-to-market investment properties need to meet new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES). It will actually be illegal to let out a new property if its EPC rating is lower than an E, so both landlords and agents will need to check EPC ratings with care.
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Have you caught on to click bait?

Do you pay much attention to ‘click bait’ when creating online listings or digital marketing content? Click bait refers interesting facts or information that encourages – compels even - people to click on a link.
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Time to look global for business?

Look at the addresses on your landlord database and see how many are in the UK versus overseas. We’re suggesting this exercise because while many home grown landlords are in a trough, perhaps weighing up their buy-to-let future, many international investors are at a peak and are looking to make the most of favourable advantages in the UK.
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Third lettings business model – threat or opportunity?

You’ve spent the last 12 months devising a marketing campaign and in-branch strategy to combat the growing threat from online agents, only for a third business model to loom large on the horizon. HomeRenter wants to take on both High Street and online letting agents, bringing an Airbnb style of negotiation to the world of renting.
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The highs and lows of lettings

How can the same day bring two very different stories about letting agents? Well, it did happen with two agents in the spotlight – one a hero and one definitely the villain. Proving they’re worth their weight in gold was an unnamed letting agent in Sheffield who rumbled a cannabis factory during a routine inspection.
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16 – it’s the magic number

It’s thought that letting agents have 16 months to prepare for the ban on tenant fees, which is estimated to come into effect around April 2019. Before then, agents will also be grappling with the move to mandatory Client Money Protection (CMP) and the suggestion that staff may have to undergo specific training.
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Will a white Christmas ruin your festive season?

The annual speculation has begun, with bookmakers and meteorologists trying to predict whether the UK will wake up under a blanket of snow on Christmas Day. While millions of children will be wide-eyed at the prospect, property managers will be dreading the arrival of inclement weather.
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How to ‘talk up the market’ without sounding stupid

Recently I read an article discussing how an interest rate hike may affect the housing sector. Within the feature was the phrase ‘talking up the market’, pertaining to how agents have been verbally combating an ever-changing industry of late.
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Madness from Manchester?

This year’s recent Conservative Party Conference in Manchester brought the news that many campaigners having been waiting for – the announcement that all letting agents will need to be registered under new legislation.
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