Your outsourcing questions answered

Here are some of the questions we get asked most frequently from businesses who have investigated outsourced lettings solutions.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing has long been an effective strategy in business. It is the practice of getting tasks and job functions done outside of the business. Rather than allocating certain tasks to in-house staff, companies often pay third-party suppliers, which can be individuals, businesses or combination of both.

Why should I outsource?

There are many reasons why businesses choose to outsource. In some cases, it may be because there is a shortage of skills and resources internally.

Long-term, it can enable you to provide a new, improved or more streamlined service to your clients without having to make an internal investment in things like infrastructure, upskilling, recruitment and technology.

Most commonly, outsourcing is a strategy adopted to save time and money.

How much do you charge/How much does it cost?

At ARPM, we charge a monthly fixed fee per property, which differs depending on the services we provide on your behalf.

We don’t offer a one size fits all solution because all our services are designed to align with your business needs and goals. In order to provide you with a proposal that is as cost-effective as possible, and in line with your objectives, we need to understand the size of your portfolio and average rents; the management fee charged to landlords; and total cost of in-house lettings resources.

This includes salaries, expenses, additional benefits and other financial commitments to staff, such as pension contributions, National Insurance and holiday/sick pay, as well as overheads costs and software subscriptions.

This is why we recommend you call us for an informal chat, so we can determine together the best way forward.

What if we only want to outsource some of our lettings functions?

No problem!

We provide a range of services and you can choose a service and combination that works for you. For example, you may have a portfolio of 400 fully managed properties and want us to handle full management of just 50%. Or you may want to use one of our services and not the others, such as rent collection and not full management.

We understand that resource levels change internally, sometimes without warning, and many clients look to us to take on the workload of a staff member who has left. This removes the need for a lengthy and often costly recruitment process, while providing support to existing team members.

In another example, you could be experiencing rapid growth but not to the point where you can justify employing another property manager. We already have the expertise and strength in numbers to take on a growing portfolio instantly.

How does the switch and transfer of data work?

We have a dedicated take-on team that will manage the process with you, either via our online forms or by exporting your files and providing them to us for manual upload and audit. As part of the switch and transfer process, we will also audit portfolio information to ensure it is 100% compliant prior to going live.

How soon can we be up and running with ARPM?

This will depend on the size of your portfolio and how information is held – paper or electronically. On average, however, we are fully live within one to two months.

Does outsourcing to ARPM mean I will lose control of my portfolio?

Absolutely not. In fact, you’ll retain all high-level control without all the day to day hassle that goes with lettings and property management.

The level of autonomy we have, for approving maintenance and repair costs or appointing contractors for example, will all be discussed and agreed as part of the contract. We then keep you up to date via weekly and monthly conference calls.

You’ll have a dedicated team member who you can call at any time, as well as access to our systems where you can log in and see exactly what is happening with your properties, landlords and tenants.

What will the impact be on landlords and tenants?

If you choose to use our white-labelled service, then we will communicate with your tenants and landlords as your team and under your brand.

Once the live date has been agreed, we will make arrangements to notify tenants and landlords of their new dedicated property manager and contact details, and notify them of any change in bank details if applicable.

What happens when we get new landlords and properties on-board/new lets?

If you use us for full management or pre-tenancy administration, then as soon you have tenants interested in the property, you hand everything over to us from the point at which referencing needs to be carried out. It’s as simple as sending one email to your tenancy administrator.

Are there hidden charges?

Our fixed monthly fee is completely transparent and will be agreed with you at the outset and will depend on the services we are providing. What’s included in each service is detailed here.

The cost of any work carried out for maintenance and repairs is charged to the landlord, after obtaining their agreement, and the physical cost of documentation such as Gas Safety Certificates is not included.

What software and proptech do you use?

We use a variety of high quality and effective property management systems and software to support our person-centred approach. Currently, this includes Fixflo, Goodlord and Adobe Sign.

All costs of software solution subscriptions are included in our fixed monthly fee, so if you outsource your entire portfolio to us on a fully managed basis, it’s likely you’ll be able to save on proptech costs too.

Are you members of any trade bodies?

We have the following memberships, accreditations and insurances to give you added peace of mind:

  • Guild of Letting and Management
  • The Property Ombudsman
  • Client Money Protection
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

How does white-labelling work?

White-labelling means while we provide the service, we do it in your name and under your brand. All communication we have with tenants, landlords and contractors is done in your business name. Our service agreement will be completely confidential.

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