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Don't let winter be your worst enemy


We’re heading in to the worst of the winter months and that can spell trouble in more ways than one. Our experience of working with estate and letting agents has taught us there are three main problems that blow in with the ‘Beast from the East’. Here, we provide some warming solutions if you find yourself frozen out .

Problem #1 – emergency maintenance peaks

It’s wet, windy, icy, snowy and pitch black almost all of the time, which means a heavy reliance on gas and electricity. The byproduct is broken boilers, burst pipes and leaky roofs that need immediate attention. If you offer emergency maintenance but find the trades and scheduling aspects a strain – or you would like to offer a maintenance service without the hard work – delegate to ARPM. We have a 24-hour emergency property maintenance team in place offering nationwide coverage, guaranteeing a professional, speedy response whenever and wherever a tenant has an issue.

Problem #2 – everyone wants annual leave

If you’re already operating with trimmed down team, the festive months can create a staffing headache. Days off to do Christmas shopping, annual leave requests for that bit between Boxing Day and New Year plus a few lucky workers looking to escape to the slopes for the après ski can easily leave you short staffed. Add in winter illnesses and your team will be depleted. Now is a great time to outsource some aspects of lettings – be it rent collection, pre-tenancy administration, property maintenance or even full property management – so you’re not spreading staff too thinly and compromising standards now or in the future.

Problem #3 – your staff jump ship

Did you know that January is the most common month for staff to think about changing jobs, with almost 1 in 5 (18%) naming January as the most popular month to resign? The Glassdoor findings highlight how a new year often means a new start, with resolutions made to leave a current position. If you find yourself with a resignation letter or two on your desk, don’t panic. A problem shared is a problem halved and there’s no better company to share with than ARPM.

Whether your finance assistant, administrative clerk or property manager has decided to move on, you can fill the gap instantly by outsourcing the role to ARPM. We will seamlessly step in to their shoes on a ‘pay only for what you use’ basis, saving you money and the hassle of a long-winded, costly recruitment process.





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