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Do your staff feel they can disconnect?


Have you fallen into the trap of emailing colleagues out of hours? Do you reply to work messages when you’re with your family? Are you guilty of casually catching up on work using your mobile phone?

Even before the pandemic, IT innovations, smart devices and wifi ensured the line between the 9-5 and a day off was blurred. Now, with working from home or flexi-working part of the everyday agency landscape, employees are feeling the pressure to connect and respond when they’re not officially on duty.

In response, the Prospect trade union is asking the Government to introduce a ‘right to disconnect’ for employees outside of office hours, after working lives and personal lives have started to become unhealthily tangled. If it is taken up, a ‘right to disconnect’ could impact the lettings sector – especially for those who work on the property management side of operations.

Part of the problem is an increasing workload, coupled with more compliance hoops to jump through, increasingly demanding tenants, and a lack of experienced talent in the lettings and property management sector. As a result, pressure piles on existing employees, leading them to manage their workloads and keep control by checking in at all hours.

Even if a ‘right to disconnect’ motion isn’t introduced, staff feeling like they’re permanently available and on call is detrimental to wellbeing.

At ARPM, we help many letting agents who want to release team members from unsociable hours, with outsourcing also able to take the day-to-day pressure off, leaving staff free to enjoy time off without feeling compelled to refresh their inbox every hour. If this sounds appealing, get in touch to discuss offloading pre-tenancy admin, rent collection and 24-hour property maintenance to us.

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