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Common tenant complaints


Tenant complaints are damaging your business right now. Not only are they time consuming to resolve, a drain on resources and demoralizing for your workforce, they’re also hurting your brand. With so many social media channels and customer review websites where tenants can vent, keeping them onside is vital in stemming the flow on online negativity.

Don’t convince yourself that tenant complaints are part and parcel of lettings, however. They can be avoided, minimized or dealt with more efficiently without increasing your workload or denting your professional reputation. It’s all a matter of resourcing and that’s where we can help.

Read on to discover the most common tenant grumbles and how to deal with them for a better business:-

1. Maintenance – complaints arise when maintenance issues aren’t dealt with efficiently. Tenants want their problem acknowledged and a repair conducted promptly, with a follow-up call to show the agent has their wellbeing at heart. You can keep on top of maintenance by using online reporting, like that offered by ARPM. Our system allows tenants to identify faults online, 24/7, with a highly detailed report automatically generated and emailed to the property manager. This is passed on to the correct trade so they can prepare in advance for a speedy repair. Our system leaves an accountable paper trail, cuts down on administration time and allows the repair to take place in a quicker timeframe for the benefit of the tenant.

2. Poor communication – tenants feel short changed when their calls constantly flip to voicemail or their emails go unnoticed. Many agents, however, lack the time to deliver the level of customer service that tenants deserve. The same goes for landlords – if your communication isn’t up to scratch, they may reconsider placing their business with you. Retaining landlords (and impressing new ones) has never been more important so your resources should be diverted to income-winning tasks. Outsourcing tenancy administration, rent collection and property management ensures your tenants are never ignored. You’ll have a dedicated team working under a white label system ready to take calls and answer emails. In return, you’ll free up to impressive landlords with your attentiveness.

3. Deposit recovery – agents who don’t return deposits or resolve disputes quickly annoy tenants. An efficient deposit return service is an asset to every lettings agency and this can be achieved by outsourcing this task to a third party. At ARPM we have the resources and impartiality to ensure every tenant is treated fairly, with the aim of returning deposits and resolving disputes quickly and professionally.

If you’d like to nip tenant complaints in the bud – or avoid them altogether – contact ARPM Outsourced Lettings Support. Discover how we can boost you resources so you can improve