Have you caught on to click bait?

Do you pay much attention to ‘click bait’ when creating online listings or digital marketing content? Click bait refers interesting facts or information that encourages – compels even – people to click on a link. There’s plenty of information in the property sector that can enhance your output – it’s up to you to use it fruitfully.
For instance, BBC online recently published a list of the 18 most affordable places in the South East for renters commuting into London. It listed the season ticket cost for each area and the average rent, building on the trend for people to live further out of the capital and travel in for better affordability.
One of those 18 areas may be an area you cover. If so, you could perk up your property listings with the sentence ‘most affordable commuter town’ or email your tenant database, summarizing the article and attaching some example properties to rent in the area.
Finding click bait just means monitoring news channels and property pages and using the key points to inform your customers and promote your business. You can read the BBC report here.

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