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ARPM's outsourced letting solutions have helped businesses of all sizes, across various sectors to improve the way they work by providing a professional and cost-effective service, saving time and allowing them to focus on growth.

Case Study


Their Challenges:
They had a managed portfolio of 20 properties and wanted to grow and ideally get to 50 properties. However, inspite of trying over the last few years, lack of lettings experience and limited resources meant the portfolio was not growing.

How ARPM helped:
ARPM's full partnership service provided the agency with the support they needed so they could focus on new business growth. This was achieved without the costs and issues of employing a staff member.

The results:
The agent's portfolio doubled in size within 12 months and their growing portfolio is being professionally looked after so they can continue to focus on new lettings business and sales.

Case Study


Their Challenges:
With a busy sales market over the last few years, the letting side of their business had been neglected. New let numbers were down and the managed portfolio had decreased. They wanted to re-focus on lettings but needed help/advice to provide up-to-date information to landlords, in addition to bringing on new clients.

How ARPM helped:
With ARPM's support and account management, the agency was able to inject new life into their lettings business and start competing again with local competitors. Updated paperwork, lettings growth advice and ARPM core services created a partnership.

The results:
Our client was able to increase their number of new lets done each month and their portfolio started growing again. Lettings revenue is increasing and gone are their worries about dealing with the day-to-day tasks involved in property management and rent collection.

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What our clients say...

“Our business and resources are focused on sales. For us to employ dedicated lettings staff with all of ARPM’s specialist skills would have cost the company a fortune. But by using ARPM’s services, we’re the ones making money! We now use ARPM to manage all our let only and managed properties for every one of our offices, and have seen dramatic rises in fee income opportunities. We’re enjoying all the benefits of a successful lettings agency – without any of the hard work.”

3 Branch Estate Agent, Hertfordshire

“Before outsourcing to ARPM, we got behind on our renewals and lost out on fee income opportunities. Now that their expert team handles all our properties, everything’s bang up to date and looked after faultlessly. And we’re operating a highly profitable and growing lettings business, all thanks to ARPM.”

1 Branch Estate Agent, Kent

“What would we do without ARPM? Continue to miss out on fee income opportunities and struggle to keep up to date with our renewals I imagine. By working in partnership with ARPM, we’ve not only been able to improve our lettings income, but our sales operation has become stronger too, as we’ve been able to dedicate our full resources to that side of the business. Using ARPM makes perfect sense.”

2 Branch Estate Agent, East Sussex