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Are you too busy reinventing the wheel?


If you follow the trade media, you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of advice given in order to survive and thrive during the pandemic (and post Covid, if we ever reach that stage). From property commentators who don’t actually work agency side and old hands to start-ups and proptech influencers, the thrust of the rhetoric is to adapt, diversify and regenerate. Most of the articles start with the line “agents need to”, with a following sentiment that suggests if they don’t, they are doomed to fail. 

Is this actually true? Has Covid altered our world so much that letting agents and property managers need to radically alter their path in order to save themselves and secure success? Or is it fairer to say that our current predicament has created a soapbox for some and a window of opportunity for others?

At ARPM, we truly believe that the fundamentals of property management remain the same, despite millions of masks, gallons of hand sanitiser and a chorus of property people telling us otherwise. The danger here is for agents and managers to be swept up in a change culture, taking their eye off the ball and forgetting the basics.

It is the basics that will bolster your business. Tenants, more than ever, need to feel looked after in safe accommodation. Landlords need a ‘hand holding’ partner in a compliance-driven sector. Property investors may even need your help to expand their portfolios, taking advantage of the stamp duty holiday. 

What counts is being available and dedicated, not being sidetracked by morphing into something new because of an article you read on the internet. The focus remains on proactive and reactive property management – driven by the needs of landlords, tenants and governance – a service that leaves everyone feeling content. 

Answering queries promptly, organizing repairs in acceptable time frames, processing rental payments, following procedures so every let is legally managed and keeping transparent, precise records underpins good service more than any app or business tangent.

If you’re a letting agent or property manager feeling slightly uncomfortable – even pressured into adopting unfamiliar technology and service paths, be mindful that you could become so pre-occupied thinking about change that you lose continuity and core focus. 

With ARPM you can relax knowing that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel as we deliver tried and tested property management plans, with a concrete track record and real people behind our service. Of course, you may be swayed by the promise of new efficiencies, streamlined operations and more time to grow your business by a new wave of providers but ARPM has been delivering these promises for more than a decade – completing 52,000 maintenance jobs and collecting more than £250 million in rent along the way.  


We’re keeping faith with what really works in property management. Why not get in touch to find out how the only change you need to make it to partner with us. 

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