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Appliance update: all good with the whites


The longevity of white goods has long been the bane of both landlords and property managers, with call outs to broken washing machines and fridge freezers up there with the most frequent tasks to manage. If you thought that white goods were no longer built to last, you’d be right as there is a thing called ‘premature obsolescence’ – a short lifespan purposely built into an appliance by manufacturers.

This month brings good news, however, as new energy efficiency rules came into force on 1st July 2021. These ensure white goods will last longer by becoming easier to repair as, for the first time, manufacturers now have to make spare parts available to product owners, by law.

The new rules will allow landlords and property managers to repair provided white goods more readily, including dishwashers, avoiding the more costly and complicated option of buying new, then having to arrange for delivery and installation with tenants. It is also hoped that millions of tonnes of white goods will be saved from landfill or fly tipping as a result of the improved availability of spare parts.

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