Access all areas?

Where did you stand on the latest landlord versus tenant story? You may have read about the Harrow landlord who showed a potential tenant around a property without the consent of the incumbent tenant. The incident came to light when a motion-detecting security camera in the tenants’ bedroom was triggered, beaming live footage of the viewing to the renter’s mobile phone.

The finer details of the story may have shaped what side you took. The landlord did ask the tenant’s permission to access her bedroom but she refused. The tenant, however, appears to be a lodger and different access rules do apply in this situation.

What is important is to preserve a good relationship between the tenant and the landlord, and a professional approach to all property viewings is a must. A letting agent is a brilliant asset to a landlord in this respect, able to provide accompanied viewings and become a broker between the two parties.

As time consuming as viewings can be, always be present. If your schedule is really packed, think about delegating administration tasks to an outsource provider like ARPM Outsourced Lettings Support, leaving you free to provide the professional service that tenants and landlords need. Ask us for more details today.

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